We will do everything we can to help you avoid porn scams.


The first thing you need to understand is that I am not a lawyer and I am not qualified to give you legal advice, nor am I a seasoned computer tech so I am also not qualified to give you advice about adware and spamware. What I am qualified to do is review and report on paysites that use dishonest methods to take more money from you than they openly advertise and explain to you how some "free" sources for porn may cause damage to your computer or get you into hot water.

Potential Paysite Scams

One way that a paysite can scam you is called a "cross sale". A cross sale is when you buy a membership at site "A" and you also can have a choice of signing up for site "B", sometimes at a discounted price in one transaction. I'm sure all of you have seen this type of thing in mainstream items, like "click here to sign-up for our weekly newsletter and click the checkmarkpaysite-scam below to get newsletters sales notification from our affiliated companies".

See cross-sales themselves are, not necesarrily a bad thing. What is bad is when a company has pre-checked cross-sales (which mean by default you would be asking for access to other pornsites other than the one that originally interested you). What's worse is when the paysite you intend on joining, not only has pre-checked cross-sales which will cost you more money if you don't uncheck them, but they also hide these pre-checked cross sales below the page so you won't see them unless you scroll down, or they hide the cross-sale expense in the fine print.

This might be a little confusing, so let me show you an example of a paysite sign-up page that does what I consider bad business. Click the thumb on the left to take a look at a cross-sale example. Pay special attention to the area's I have put a floating red box around.

Those check boxes are pre-checked of course, so an unwary user expecting to pay $24.93 for 1 membership subscription would actually get billed an additional $79.94 for sites he hasn't asked for or seen for a whopping total of $104.89! That's absurd.

Potential Free Porn Scams

Nothing in life is free, and that relates to what most believe is free porn as well. Now before you point out that I have many "free" links to porn and free porn videos you must understand that free can mean two different things. In regards to the "free" pornsites you will find linked to from this site, they are indeed monetarily free, but at the cost of the advertisements you most put up with in between the content. Think of this like a TV and the commercials you sit through. Even the free movies on this site are surrounded by ads that offer links to a paysite that pays me a very small commissioon each sale which is how I earn my living. See, it's "free", but it still costs you something. That's how life works and if you think some benevalient guy out there just wants to give away free porn at a cost to him then you've got some bad news coming your way.

Everyone wants free porn. We can see the millions of search queries a minute for just that on any of the popular search engines. Which is why "free porn" is often used in social hacking, effectively putting a bannana in front of a monkey to give him something to grab. If you are going to ask a computer user to install a virus or adware on their machine, what better tempting fruit than "free porn". It happens all the time, especially on file-sharing networks. What's worse is we've also got supposed ethical upstanding businesses doing just that as well. The fine folks at Zango admitted that the very large company Adult Friend Finder was using Zango installs in order to bypass paying the affiliated webmaster his due. So why care about an adult company installing some software on your machine? Here's some info on Zango for you about monitoring surfing habits and possibly even logging your keystrokes, making your usernames and passwords of any site you visit vulnerable to intrusion. Want more info, try a google search about the whole mess. (fun fact: Adult Friend Finder is now owned by Penthouse)

Now there are other very popular ways to access "free" porn. I don't want to get into specific methods of viewing or obtaining "free" porn, but there are really two issues with those types of service. As I said, nothing is free, the content costs a producer money to film it and they hold value in the license to use their material. All of this type of "free" porn will be viewed in violation of their copyrights. The sites are not allowed to host these videos without a valid license agreement, which they don't have and you the surfer are in violation for viewing or redistributing these porn movies.

Who cares you may be thinking, I've shared and downloaded thousands of songs and this is no different. You're right, there is really no difference between downloading copywritten porn from downloading copywritten music. Obama Administration upholds $1.92million File Swapping Fine. I prefer my porn movies cheaper than 1.92 million dollars, how about you. Suddenly the idea of just dealing with a few ads per page doesn't seem all that bad anymore does it?

Ok, so you're not going to be "that guy", you know the guy that gets caught and fined. But did you know that file-swapping can easily be detected by your ISP and its' use could possibly give authorities sufficient cause to search a computer. How worth it is that?